Find Me Paradise’s Worst Travel Moments 2017 – Part 1

Find Me Paradise's Worst Travel Moments, Taipei

Travelling isn’t always plain sailing. Don’t be fooled by the picture post card images circulating social media, a lot can go wrong when you’re on the road and this year certainly had its mishaps! Here are Find Me Paradise’s worst travel moments of 2017:

11 – Having to chase down

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El Nido, Palawan: Finding paradise on Kayak Tour A with El Nido Boutique Art Café

El Nido Boutique Art Cafe Tour A

El Nido is synonymous with the many tours of its crown jewel, Bacuit Bay. But with just about every man with a boat offering a tour, (and believe me there are A LOT of boats!) how do you choose the right one?  We recommend El Nido Boutique Art Café.

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Where to Eat in El Nido Town: El Nido Boutique Art Café

El Nido Boutique Art Cafe breakfast

You may have already seen our post on the tour with El Nido Boutique Art Café, but they are far from a one trick pony! As well as running a successful tour company, and boutique they also own a delicious restaurant and café on the beachfront. Oh and not

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