Mostar to Blagaj Tekija – A Day Trip For Less Than £10

The perfect shot of Blagaj Tekija.

The once war torn city of Mostar has reinvented itself as one of Bosnia’s top tourist destinations. Many people flock here to visit Stari Most, a rebuilt bridge in the heart of Mostar’s Old Town that was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian war. The majority of travellers leave the

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Biking along Hualien’s coastline to Qixingtan Beach (Chisingtan Beach)

Beautiful Qixingtan beach

Ever since stepping foot in Taipei airport, we have been waxing lyrical over Taiwan. Biking along Hualien’s coastline to Qixingtan beach only cemented further proof that this country has everything one would associate with the perfect destination.

Biking from Hualien City

We decided to start our ride in Beibin Park,

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Albania’s best kept secret: Gjirokaster Castle and UNESCO Old Town.

View from Gjirokaster Castle

Welcome to Gjirokaster, Albania. A living museum town of Ottoman and Byzantine architecture set amongst a spectacular pastel mountain backdrop. Home to Gjirokaster Castle, this beautiful town is a perfectly preserved example of the richness of Albanian culture. And yet it's still relatively off the beaten track! If you need

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Exploring Erawan Falls, Kanchanaburi

The best water in Erawan Falls

Thailand’s Erawan Falls are a huge seven plateau waterfall located in the exotic jungle of Erawan National Park. Named after the three headed elephant god, this waterfall is a place of religious significance to the Thai people. It certainly held a magical quality, with its many misty blue pools and

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How to Get From Bangkok to Erawan Falls Without Paying For a Tour

Erawan Falls find me paradise

Most people go from Bangkok to Erawan Falls on an organised day tour, but there is a way to save your pennies and do it independently! Read on to plan your own Bangkok to Erawan Falls trip.

How to get from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi.

The first step from Bangkok to

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5 Ways to Enjoy Dubrovnik Without the Crowds!

Cool off from the stifling Dubrovnik sun in Komolac's refreshing marina.

1) Get up early to explore the Old Town of Dubrovnik without the crowds clogging up the narrow alleyways.

The sheer number of tourists in Dubrovnik can be a little overwhelming, especially if you visit between lunchtime and sunset. Our advice is to get to the old town before nine

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How to Visit Bled Castle for Free

Bled Castle (Blejski Grad) is one of Slovenia's most popular attractions and is rumoured to be the oldest castle in the country. A photographer's dream, the medieval structure sits charmingly above Lake Bled amidst all the shrubbery, whilst its reflection can be shimmering in the emerald waters. However, with an

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