Biking along Hualien’s coastline to Qixingtan Beach (Chisingtan Beach)

Beautiful Qixingtan beach

Ever since stepping foot in Taipei airport, we have been waxing lyrical over Taiwan. Biking along Hualien’s coastline to Qixingtan beach only cemented further proof that this country has everything one would associate with the perfect destination.

Biking from Hualien City

We decided to start our ride in Beibin Park,

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Albania’s best kept secret: Gjirokaster Castle and UNESCO Old Town.

View from Gjirokaster Castle

Welcome to Gjirokaster, Albania. A living museum town of Ottoman and Byzantine architecture set amongst a spectacular pastel mountain backdrop. Home to Gjirokaster Castle, this beautiful town is a perfectly preserved example of the richness of Albanian culture. And yet it's still relatively off the beaten track! If you need

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Mostar: A Tale of Two Cities

Stari Most in all its glory!

Mostar was one of those destinations that really surprised us, from our initial first impression of its poor dilapidated bullet hole ridden suburbs, to its picture perfect Old Town presided over by the famous Stari Most and the turquoise river that runs through it. In that respect, it truly was

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How much money do I need per day in Slovenia?

Audrey at the free viewpoint from Bled Castle

Once we'd planned our summer route through the Balkans, we instantly identified Slovenia and Croatia as the countries that will hurt our pocket the most. Whilst cheap compared to England, we knew we'd be forking out a fair bit more money here, than say in Bosnia or Albania. Nevertheless, we

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