Mostar to Blagaj Tekija – A Day Trip For Less Than £10

The once war torn city of Mostar has reinvented itself as one of Bosnia’s top tourist destinations. Many people flock here to visit Stari Most, a rebuilt bridge in the heart of Mostar’s Old Town that was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian war. The majority of travellers leave the city after visiting Stari Most, however a trip to this part of the Balkans is incomplete without visiting Blagaj Tekija.

Audrey on a rock below Stari Most.

Audrey below Stari Most.

How to get to Blagaj Tekija from Mostar

Getting to Blagaj from Mostar is incredibly inexpensive. A public bus ticket costs a mere 2.10BAM (£1.00), but be warned, in the summer temperatures the bus turns into an oven! Here you can view the Mostar to Blagaj bus timetable as of 2017.

Mostar to Blagaj Tekija Bus Ticket

Mostar to Blagaj Tekija Bus Ticket

The bus will drop you off in Blagaj town, around a 10 minute walk from Blagaj Tekija. Be sure to grab a drink from one of the vendors along the along the road as prices for water next to Blagaj Tekija are much more expensive. Trust me, you will need the extra fluids if you’re visiting during summer months!

The walk from the bus to Blagaj Tekija is stunning!

The walk from the bus stop to Blagaj Tekija is stunning!

Blagaj Tekija

Blagaj Tekija is a 600 year old Dervish monastery situated next to the source of the river Buna. The monastery is also located at the bottom of a giant cliff, creating the perfect backdrop for such a beautiful building. Entrance to Blagaj Tekija costs 4BAM (£1.90), and is certainly worth taking a look around.

The water is crystal clear walking towards Blagaj Tekija!

The water is crystal clear!

The best view of Blagaj Tekija undoubtedly comes from the opposite side of the river. Here the midday sun reflects the white monastery walls into the crystal clear Buna river, creating the perfect photo opportunity!

The perfect shot of Blagaj Tekija.

The perfect shot of Blagaj Tekija.

Boat rides into the source of the River Buna can also be caught from this side of the water for 4BAM (£1.90). The small inflatable boat will take you into a cave where the water becomes a luminous turquoise. In fact the water is so clean here that you can fill your bottle up and drink it!

The water inside the cave by Blagaj Tekija is so clean that you can drink it!

The water inside the cave is so clean that you can drink it!

Heading back to Mostar

Simply walk back up the hill to Blagaj town where the bus originally dropped you off and ride it back towards Mostar. The ultimate day trip that doesn't break the bank!

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