How to Get From Bangkok to Erawan Falls Without Paying For a Tour

Most people go from Bangkok to Erawan Falls on an organised day tour, but there is a way to save your pennies and do it independently! Read on to plan your own Bangkok to Erawan Falls trip.

How to get from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi.

The first step from Bangkok to Erawan Falls is getting to Kanchanaburi.  We got the Chao Praya river boat to Thonburi station, which cost 15 baht per person (bargain!).

Thonburi Jetty

The lovely view that greets you at Thonburi Jetty.

From Thonburi Station we got the 1:55 pm train to Kanchanaburi which cost 100 baht per person. There are two trains running on this route, one at 7:50 am and one at 1:55pm.
The journey takes about two and a half hours, and is very scenic!

Where to stay in Kanchanburi

The best place to stay when going from Bangkok to Erawan Falls is Tamarind Guest House. It’s a five-minute walk from Kanchanaburi Station and is such good value for money!
We particularly enjoyed its riverside location which was perfect for watching the sun go down.

Tamarind Guesthouse, Kanchanaburi

The view from the open air lounge at Tamarind Guesthouse.

We booked through and it cost us 175 baht per person per night. This was for a double room with fan and private bathroom.

Why you should stay two nights in Kanchanaburi.

One of the benefits of doing the Bangkok to Erawan Falls route independently, is having the time to explore Kanchanaburi itself. It’s a cute sleepy town, home to an incredibly cheap night market! We loved sampling all the delicious fares the stalls had to offer. This included 10 baht (25p) meals and even our first pigs in blanket of the Christmas season!!

Kanchanaburi Night Market

Audrey enjoying her first pig in blanket of the year!

Sidenote: if you’re missing proper coffee like I was, look no further than Lamoo Café. Located a couple of streets down from the train station, it has good wifi and even better coffee! A ‘proper’ latte will set you back 35 baht.

Getting from Kanchanaburi to Erawan Falls.

We got up super early to get the first bus from Kanchanaburi Bus Station to Erawan Falls National Park. This bus leaves at 8:00 am, but make sure you’re there at least half an hour before. The bus is small and fills up very quickly. People were stood in the aisle for the entire two hour journey!

Bus to Erawan Falls

Look out for this funky bus!

The entry fee to Erawan Falls is 300 baht, so don’t forget to bring enough cash with you!

Why you NEED to get there early.

Our main reason for going from Bangkok to Erawan Falls on our own was to avoid the crowds that come with the tours. By getting the first bus from Kanchanburi, we managed to be the first ones in the National Park. This meant we had the first few tiers all to ourselves!!

Erawan Falls all to ourselves.

So incredible having this waterfall to ourselves!

Want to have the luxury of a natural pool to yourself? Then get there early!

Swimming in Erawan Falls

Kieron enjoying the pool to himself.

By the time the tours arrived, all the plateaus were rammed with tourists. So, unless you fancy having fifty odd people in the background, don’t get a tour! Follow our route from Bangkok to Erawan Falls and you’ll be sure to have a magical experience.

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