Exploring Erawan Falls, Kanchanaburi

Thailand’s Erawan Falls are a huge seven plateau waterfall located in the exotic jungle of Erawan National Park. Named after the three headed elephant god, this waterfall is a place of religious significance to the Thai people. It certainly held a magical quality, with its many misty blue pools and caves.  Find out how to get to this must-see place from Bangkok here.

Tier 1: An unbeatable first impression.

Each one of Erawan Fall’s tiers has its own unique attributes. The first was no exception.  It had large empty pools of jade water, with only shoals of iridescent fish for company! We weren’t planning on swimming straight away, but when Kieron dropped my prescription sunglasses into the water, we didn’t have much choice! Fortunately, he managed to fish them out from the depths of the pool with his foot.

The first tier of Erawan Falls.

Audrey trying to avoid the fish in the first tier...

Look at the size of those fish! Nobody warned us how huge they were! Thankfully, if you make a commotion in the water they tend to leave you alone…

Introducing Tier 2, the best backdrop for a picture in Erawan Falls.

 Whilst we were suitably impressed by the first tier, the second truly took our breath away. The best part? We had it all to ourselves. The log from the water’s edge seemed to have been placed there by the Instagram Gods. It was the perfect selfie spot!

Exploring the second tier at Erawan Falls

The most jaw-dropping view!

The pool was gigantic and home to the biggest fish we’d seen so far!

Tier two at Erawan Falls

Kieron performing a balancing act on tier two.

The third tier boasted the highest fall we’d seen so far.

After the second plateau, you must hand in a deposit for any plastic bottles you have. This is to deter tourists from leaving a trail of rubbish in the park.

The water in the third plateau isn’t as nice as the rest of Erawan Falls but it does have the unique feature of a towering waterfall which was rather cool!

The third tier at Erawan Falls

A perfectly positioned rock for photos!

Fan of waterslides? Tier 4 is the one for you!

What made the fourth tier so special was its two natural waterslides! Thrill seekers can clamber up the slippery slope and slide down into the crystalline water. Definitely one for the adults, as health and safety is non-existent…

Natural waterslides at Erawan Falls

Enjoying the natural waterslides at Erawan Falls.


Tier 5: The most magical water in all Erawan Falls!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we reached the fifth tier! A hidden jungle oasis with an ethereal milky blue coloured pool. It wouldn’t look out of place in a fairy-tale! You can even sit with your feet in the water and get a free pedicure from the fish if you so wish…

The best water in Erawan Falls

Kieron exploring the magical fifth tier.

Yes, the water really is that colour!

Exploring Erawan Falls

A real life fairytale pool.

Tier 6, the penultimate and most underwhelming level.

We nearly missed tier 6 altogether as it was overshadowed by the difficulty of the climb to tier 7.

The sixth tier at Erawan Falls

The most underwhelming tier.

We’d read that the trek to the final tier was challenging, but what they didn’t say is that you essentially have to scale a waterfall and wade through a bog to get there. Not to mention some slippery hiking up a slope. I nearly bade my goodbyes to my flip-flop as it got stuck in quicksand…

Our top tip: take wet shoes!! We cannot emphasise enough how much you’ll need them. We had to do half of it barefoot as it was simply too slippy for our sandals!

Your final destination at Erawan Falls: the seventh plateau.

Okay the journey to get to this point is challenging, but so worth it! From here you have panoramic views over the park, presided by a colossal cascade of water. It’s also home to several beautiful miniature pools, perfect for a paddle! So sit down, relax and give yourself a pat on the back. You made it!

The mouth of Erawan Falls.

The start of Erawan Falls!


Aquamarine pools at Erawan Falls.

Magical aquamarine pools on the seventh level.

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