Mostar to Blagaj Tekija – A Day Trip For Less Than £10

The perfect shot of Blagaj Tekija.

The once war torn city of Mostar has reinvented itself as one of Bosnia’s top tourist destinations. Many people flock here to visit Stari Most, a rebuilt bridge in the heart of Mostar’s Old Town that was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian war. The majority of travellers leave the

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Tima-Irma: The Best Place to Eat in Mostar’s Old City

Grilled garlic chicken at Tima-Irma.
When writing a food post for a city, we’d normally compile a list of 5 or so restaurants/stalls that we felt were either great value for money or offered sublime food. However, Mostar’s Old City had one stand out establishment that was so good, it’d be unfair for us to
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The 5 Best Photo Spots for Stari Most.

Audrey on a rock below Stari Most.

Bosnia is a country blessed with cities that ooze history and stunning natural landscapes such as the Kravice Falls. Perhaps the jewel of Bosnia’s landmarks however is Mostar, specifically Stari Most (translated to Old Bridge).

Visitors from all over the world flock to Mostar in order to see the 16th
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Mostar: A Tale of Two Cities

Stari Most in all its glory!

Mostar was one of those destinations that really surprised us, from our initial first impression of its poor dilapidated bullet hole ridden suburbs, to its picture perfect Old Town presided over by the famous Stari Most and the turquoise river that runs through it. In that respect, it truly was

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