The best sunset points in Santorini

The Greek island of Santorini is famed worldwide for its spectacular sunsets. However, finding the perfect spot to capture the sundown isn't as easy as it seems. This is why we've put together a guide to the best sunset points in Santorini, to help you get that instaworthy picture of your dreams! From Thira to Oia, we've covered all our favourite spots to watch the sun go down.  Read on to find out more...

The 'classic' Oia windmill shot

First on the list comes Oia, the fairy-tale village known for its breathtaking sunsets. It ticks all the boxes. Caldera? Check. Adorable caveside houses? Check . An impossibly photogenic windmill? Check.  A mirrored sea perfect for reflecting the colours of the sunset? Check again.

But where do you have to go to get this winning shot?

One of the best sunset points in Santorini

A stellar example of a Santorini sunset.

To get this angle, you have to go to the castle ruins in Oia. Our advice is to get there two hours before sunset, as this place gets absolutely packed with tourists! By getting there early, you can secure the prime viewing spot and a first class seat at one of the best sunset points in Santorini. Bring a bottle of wine and your loved ones and drink in the beautiful panoramic views! Our favourite thing about this sunset is the way the white buildings turn pink in the light. Dreamy.

Thira: A surprise contender for the best sunset point.

Thira definitely took us by surprise! We weren't expecting much from this busy resort town, but the clifftop walk through Thira to Imerovigli offered some of the best sunset points in Santorini.

We recommend following the directions to the cable car in the old town of Thira. If you take this route just before sunset, you'll find an abundance of spots for sunset viewing!

Our personal favourite was just before this beautiful yellow church. It carved a gorgeous silhouette against the night sky.

Thira Sunset

Sunset over one of Thira's many churches.

If you're looking for a bit of romantic seclusion then this is the spot for you! We loved the way it provided a welcome respite from the usual sunset crowd.

Imerovigli: The most underrated out of the best sunset points in Santorini

Where to start with Imerovigli? It quite frankly blew us away. Whilst most flocked to Oia in search of the picture perfect cycladic village, Imerovigli was refreshingly tranquil. It's the kind of place where you just can't stop taking pictures. Each street seems to be more beautiful than the next. Our favourite spot was overlooking this blue domed church. The fuschia flowers were the perfect finishing touch!

The best sunset point in Santorini.

Our favourite sunset point in Santorini.

We couldn't believe that this spot didn't feature on any lists of best sunset points in Santorini! This was the highlight of our trip, a magical sunset all to ourselves.  If you're headed to Santorini, make sure you don't skip the lesser-known Imerovigli. Book now to get the best deals on your own personal paradise!

Sunset over Skaros Rock: a caldera masterpiece

You'll find Skaros Rock at the tip of Imerovigli.  An impressive natural wonder, you can either hike up to the top for sunset or if you're lazy like us, you can enjoy it from afar. (Plus that way you actually get the rock in the picture!) This is one of the best sunset points in Santorini, as you can see both the natural and architectural attractions of the island. The high vantage point gives the added bonus of a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea.

Sunset over Skaros Rock

What a view!

Pretty cool right? There is so much more to Santorini than Oia, and we hope this post has shed some light on some of its other unmissable sunset spots!

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